baby1Congratulations from Whirlowbrook Hall!

Whirlowbrook Hall is one of the most outstanding venues in Sheffield, offering spectacular views of the gardens within the 39 acres of Whirlowbrook Park. The manor house is perfect for those seeking a venue for their baby naming ceremony or after party.

A Naming Ceremony is a lovely way to celebrate the birth of your child and welcome the new arrival into your family. It’s a gesture of love and commitment to your child.

You can hold a Naming Ceremony for children of any age. Your ceremony can include:

  • baby2Welcome introduction
  • 1st reading
  • Naming of the child
  • Parents promises
  • Sponsors/Guardians promises
  • 2nd Reading
  • Lighting of a candle after promises
  • Closing Words
  • Presentation of a gift by parents
  • Signing of presentation certificate

We have put together some wonderful packages for your baby naming event, please see below. To have a chat with a member of a team or to arrange to come and view the venue please feel free to give us a call on 0114 236 61 42 or e-mail

To download our baby naming celebration packages, please click here.